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Blog Posts in August, 2011

  • Ex-Pro Football Players Sue Helmet Maker Riddell and NFL for Traumatic Brain Injuries and Products Liability

    More former NFL football players are suing the league and helmet maker Riddell for personal injury and products liability. The first complaint, filed in California, was submitted by 75 ex-pro players who claimed the National Football League concealed the head injury risks involved in playing the sport. The plaintiffs of both lawsuits are accusing the NFL of failing until last year to let the ...
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  • Industrial Arts Impact on Scenic Colorado Prompts Citizens Lawsuit

    Artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, “Christo”, famous for suspending huge curtains of orange fabric over bridges, buildings and other public spaces throughout the world, has embarked on yet another art project. Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude have targeted Colorado for a second time (the first time being in 1972) with plans to hang silvery, translucent fabric over the Arkansas River for two ...
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  • $24.7M California Auto Products Liability Judgment Awarded in Seatback Collapse that Left Woman a Paraplegic

    A jury has awarded a woman $24.7 million for the California seat back collapse lawsuit she filed against seat manufacturer Johnsons Controls. Jaklin Romine became a paraplegic following the 2006 rear-end car crash. Romine, who is paralyzed from the chest down, says she will use the money to pay for full-time care, a vehicle she can drive on her own, and school. The catastrophic auto accident ...
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  • Products Liability Settlements Reached In Furniture Defect Lawsuits Against Martha Stewart and Kmart Over Patio Chairs That Caused Finger Injuries

    Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Kmart have settled three products liability lawsuits over patio furniture that the plaintiffs said either injured or amputated their fingers. The terms of the defective furniture settlements are confidential. However, all three complaints claimed that the legs of the lounge chairs act like “a guillotine” for hands and fingers that may get stuck between the chair ...
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  • OppenheimerFunds: The Right Way to Invest?

    A $100 million dollar class action settlement has just recently been reached against popular OppenheimerFunds, whose trademark touts “The Right Way to Invest”. Investors who thought their money was being safety held in conservative, low-risk mutual funds were unpleasantly surprised when in 2008 two of Oppenheimer’s conservative investments, The Champion Income Fund and the Core Bond Fund lost ...
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  • Fight to Stop Rental Companies From Selling or Renting Vehicles with Auto Defects Goes National

    Earlier this year, our auto products liability law firm wrote about efforts by the California Assembly to prevent Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, and other car rental companies from selling or renting motor vehicles that had been recalled unless the necessary repairs were already made. The bill was introduced after Raechel and Jacqueline Houck died in a car crash because their PT cruiser rental had a ...
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  • Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Volvo, Nissan and Toyota Announce Auto Recalls

    It is important to note that just because a vehicle has been recalled doesn’t mean it is defect-free and sometimes, it can take a motor vehicle crash for an auto defect to be discovered and a recall announced. In an ideal world, safety issues would be detected before anyone were to get hurt. If you believe that a car accident resulting in serious injury or death was caused by a vehicle malfunction ...
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  • US DOT Issues Rule to Reduce Vehicle Ejections During Rollover Accidents

    The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a new rule aimed at lowering the number of deaths involving passengers ejected from vehicles during rollover accidents. Per the rule, by the Department’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, auto manufacturers have to come up with a countermeasure for light passenger vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds that keeps the equivalent from ...
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  • Products Liability: Fire Gel Fuel Used in Firepots, Fancy Torches, and Personal Fireplaces Posing a Serious Burn Injury Hazard to Consumers

    With Tiki torches and citronella candles now being replaced by firepots and fancy torches as the main illuminator during outdoor summer gatherings, consumers may have to worry about their safety. It turns out that the gel fuel used to light these more chic devices can be very dangerous—so dangerous that in certain situations igniting the fuel gel can cause it to behave like napalm and quickly ...
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