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Kudos to Ceridian Cobra Insurance for Doing Whats Right

In a recent article, we wrote about Dan Flanagan, a Colorado Vietnam vet undergoing treatment for bone marrow cancer, whose health insurance was canceled over a two cent shortage in a premium payment.
On January 26, after public outcry resulting largely from Denver’s NEWS7‘s coverage on the issue, Ceridian,–the administrator for the vet’s claim– asked the fiduciary, a former employer, to reinstate the health coverage. Thankfully, the fiduciary agreed to the reinstatement.
The action taken by Ceridian and the fiduciary was the decent thing to do, even though it may not have been legally required.
We are pleased to observe that large business organizations are not always without compassion and concern for the individual in need.
A tip of the hat to Denver NEWS7 for its timely coverage of the story. And the best of luck to Dan Flanagan and his family.