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Blog Posts in June, 2011

  • Kia Ordered to Pay $40M Alabama Seat Belt Defect Verdict Over False Latching in Teenagers 2004 Wrongful Death

    Seven years after 16-year-old Tiffany Stabler was killed in a deadly car crash, a jury has awarded a $40 million Alabama auto products liability verdict to her family over her wrongful death. Stabler died on July 4, 2004 after she was ejected from the used 1999 Kia Sephia that her dad had given her just two months before on her birthday. The plaintiff’s claim that because the seat belt was ...
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  • New Crib Safety Standards Go Into Effect Today

    The new federal rules updating the nation’s crib safety standards are now in effect. Under the new rules, which the US Consumer Product Safety Commission established: Drop-side cribs can no longer be manufactured or sold. With at least 32 infants dying from strangulation or suffocation while in a drop-side crib, these child sleepers have proven too dangerous to use let alone make or sell. Slat ...
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  • Royal Crest Dairy Drops Lawsuit after Fort Collins Posts New Solicitation Rules

    Fighting for their First Amendment right of free speech, Denver-based Royal Crest Dairy filed suit in federal court this year claiming that the Fort Collins ban against door-to-door commercial solicitation violated its constitutional rights. The ban which spanned over 70 years had been in place since 1938 through its “Green River Ordinance”, which was adopted to protect the safety and privacy of ...
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  • Products Liability Lawsuit: Ford Sued Over Defective Jack in Wrongful Death of Man

    The family of Rusty Lamont Hendriks is suing Ford for Texas products liability and wrongful death. The Hendriks claim that the auto manufacturer made a defective jack, which is why the family’s Ford Freestar minivan fell on him. Hendriks suffered fatal injuries on March 7 while trying to repair the Ford vehicle. He used the scissors jack, which was designed, made, and marketed for the van. ...
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  • Wrongful Death Trial Over Utah Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawsuit is Scheduled for 2013

    A federal judge has scheduled the civil trial for Toyota sudden acceleration lawsuit of Van Alfen v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. for February 19, 2013. The Utah wrongful death case is the first of hundreds of auto products liability lawsuits claiming that acceleration problems with a Toyota vehicle resulted in personal injuries or wrongful deaths. In this case, Paul Van Alfen, 66, and ...
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  • Facebook: Friend or Foe?

    As technology continues to emerge in new ways, so does crafty thinking. Some lawyers and judges in countries such as Canada and New Zealand are now permitting and even encouraging service of legal documents through the popular networking site, Facebook. Subsequent to several unsuccessful attempts at service, an Australian court recently allowed legal counsel for a mortgage lender to use Facebook ...
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  • CPSC Approves New Federal Safety Rule to Make Hand-Held Hair Dryers Less of an Electrocution Hazard

    The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved a new rule giving it more power to both stop potentially hazardous hair dryers made outside the US from being shipped into the country and issue product recalls against violative hair dryers. Current industry standards mandate that hair dryers come with a device that preempts electrocution and shock injuries from happening should the device ...
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  • Do Toning Shoes Cause Foot Injuries?

    Did you know that toning shoes actually may not provide additional fitness benefits and could even cause a wearer injuries? If you believe that you got hurt because you were wearing toning shoes, you should contact our products liability lawyers right away. According to SportsOneSource, buyers spent over $1 billion on these shoes last year, which its manufacturers claim provide a better walking ...
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  • Craig Hospital License Plate Benefits Severely Injured Patients

    Last year Chris Chappell, Craig Hospital Graduate Relations Coordinator, came up with an idea. The idea was relatively straightforward, but will have a huge impact on the lives of Craig Hospital patients suffering through their recovery from Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) as they focus on rebuilding their lives. Chris’ idea was to create a Craig Hospital license ...
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  • Infomercials Claims Land Colorado Company in Court

    Who hasn’t caught an infomercial or two late at night when sleep is elusive? A friendly vibrant host touting a get rich quick scenario while you’re fretting over a mounting pile of bills soon starts to sound appealing. However the Federal Trade Commission and the Colorado Attorney General seem to take infomercials claims quite seriously. They recently joined in filing a suit in Denver U.S. ...
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