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Blog Posts in May, 2011

  • Another Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration Accident?: Prius Crashes Into Mini-Mall, Trapping Driver in Elevator

    A recent California car crash involving a woman whose car ended up partially falling into an elevator shaft after she crashed it into a martial arts studio has our auto products liability attorneys wondering if sudden unintended acceleration played a role. Gerry Young says that her Toyota Prius wouldn’t stop even after she took the keys out of the ignition. The motor vehicle accident occurred last ...
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  • About 1 Million Pool and Spa Drain Covers Recalled Over Possible Entrapment and Drowning Concerns

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling about 1 million spa and pool drain covers due to worries that they may still pose entrapment and drowning dangers to swimmers. The drain covers were supposed to meet the new standards established by the federal government in 2008, which are supposed to prevent a person from getting suctioned into the drain. Unfortunately, many of the drains have ...
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  • Chipotles Burrito Woes

    Denver based Chipotle Mexican Grill lost portions of its appeal recently, affirming in part and denying in part the verdict in a lawsuit by a disabled man. The Plaintiff, Mauizio Antoninetti, is a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair. Anoninetti visited two different California Chipotle restaurants on several occasions as both a customer and for purposes of his lawsuit. Anoninetti sued Chipotle for ...
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  • 22,000 Dream on Me Drop-Side Cribs Recalled Because They Pose Laceration, Entrapment, Suffocation, and Fall Hazards

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission and importer Dream on Me are recalling about 22,000 drop-side cribs because of the dangers they pose to young children. The portable and full-size cribs reportedly may have defects that could cause suffocation, entrapment, laceration, and fall injuries. The CPSC and Dream on Me know of 69 reports of incidents caused by crib defects or a crib malfunctioning. ...
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  • Lawsuit Takes Wind Out of Vestas Sails

    Unfortunate news blows in for one of Colorado’s top employers as Vestas Wind Systems faces a class action lawsuit filed in Colorado’s U.S. District Court. The lawsuit alleges that the wind turbine company that employs roughly 1600 Coloradoans violated the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The suit alleges that misleading information was posted about the company’s 2010 earnings, which resulted ...
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  • CPSC Warning: philteds USA Clip-on Chairs are Fingertip Amputation and Fall Hazards to Kids

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says consumers should stop using phil&teds USA “metoo” clip-on table top chairs because a child could fall or amputate his/her finger while seated in certain ones. The clip-on chairs are made by phil&teds USA Inc. The federal agency says that it knows of a number of incidents involving the chairs. If any of the children were hurt, their families may have ...
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  • Texas Auto Products Liability: Air Bag Defect Lawsuit Seeks Damages from GM

    Richard Taylor is seeking personal injury compensation from General Motors LLC and driver Angela Carrell. Taylor contends that the 2006 Cadillac CTS that he was riding in had a defective air bag on the front passenger side that failed to deploy during a car crash. He says that as a result, he sustained injuries to his neck and back, as well as head lacerations. GM has recalled the vehicle. ...
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  • Defective Toilet Paper Foils Sewer Pipes at the University of Colorado

    Don’t be downwind of the University of Colorado in Boulder. Since the spring semester of 2009, janitorial workers have been dealing with a sticky, ahem , stinky situation. The university filed a lawsuit last week against Waxie Enterprises Inc. and Royal Paper Converting Inc. for defective toilet paper, which has caused the university more than $40,000 in major plumbing and sewer repairs. A total ...
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  • Mother Natures Wrath Spawns Colorado Kindness

    Last week’s tornado outbreak read like a horror novel as dozens of tornadoes hit several southern states including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia, resulting in the deadliest single day for tornados since 1925. Across the country we hugged our loved-ones tighter watching the evening news, as our hearts heaved for families of the deceased and missing. Yet just as ...
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  • Honda Expands Air Bag Recall with Another 833,000 Vehicles

    Honda says it is recalling 833,000 more vehicles to fix an air bag defect that can cause these safety devices to deploy so forcefully that injury or death can result. The automaker has recalled nearly 1.7 million vehicles since the initial recall in 2008. Yesterday’s announcement was its fourth action over the problem. The air bags pose a safety hazard if they deploy with too much pressure and ...
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