22,000 Dream on Me Drop-Side Cribs Recalled Because They Pose Laceration, Entrapment, Suffocation, and Fall Hazards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and importer Dream on Me are recalling about 22,000 drop-side cribs because of the dangers they pose to young children. The portable and full-size cribs reportedly may have defects that could cause suffocation, entrapment, laceration, and fall injuries.
The CPSC and Dream on Me know of 69 reports of incidents caused by crib defects or a crib malfunctioning. One infant, 8-months, sustained a minor injury from the exposed plastic hardware inside one of the portable cribs. Another child, age 1, sustained a scratch to his nose when he got stuck between another portable crib’s side rail and mattress support.
The full-size cribs are made with hardware that could fail or break, which could cause its drop side to detach. If this happens, a child might fall out of the crib or get caught between the mattress and the drop side rail, resulting in an entrapment accident that could lead to suffocation, traumatic brain injury, or death. Meantime, the portable crib’s drop side rail might also detach because its hardware, as well as the material that makes up the the drop side’s release latch, and crib mattress support are not durable enough to prevent easy breakage. Also, in the event that the crib slats were to detach, break, or become loose, a child could sustain a cut injury from the exposed hardware.The full-size Dream on Me cribs that are being recalled were made between January 2006 and December 2009. The portable cribs were manufactured between August 2007 and February 2009.Our child injury lawyers are fierce advocates for families whose children have gotten hurt because of a crib defect. Over the years, we’ve watched as manufacturers have recalled millions of cribs because of the hazards they pose to kids. It is unacceptable a crib to be dangerous for use. Fortunately, the US government’s ban on drop-side cribs, which goes into effect next month, will prevent many more hazardous cribs from being made. That said, there are many drop-side cribs that are still in use.Dream on Me Recalls Drop-Side Cribs Due to Entrapment, Suffocation, Laceration, and Fall Hazards, CPSC, May 24, 2011Product recall: some 22,000 Dream on Me drop-side cribs recalled, The Washington Post, May 24, 2011CPSC’s ban on drop-side cribs takes effect in June, USA Today, June 16, 2010Related Web Resources:
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