CPSC Warning: philteds USA Clip-on Chairs are Fingertip Amputation and Fall Hazards to Kids

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says consumers should stop using phil&teds USA “metoo” clip-on table top chairs because a child could fall or amputate his/her finger while seated in certain ones. The clip-on chairs are made by phil&teds USA Inc. The federal agency says that it knows of a number of incidents involving the chairs. If any of the children were hurt, their families may have a products liability case against the manufacturer.
The nylon fabric seat is a chair for babies and toddlers. Two metal vise clamps are used to attach the chair to a table. However, in the event that a chair was to detach from the table while a child is in it, he/she could sustain impact or head injuries. A clip-on chair can detach if the clamps become separated from the table or a child in the chair pushes against an object with his/her feet. The inadequate amount of space between the clamps and the metal bar on the chair may cause amputation, laceration, crush, or pinch injuries if a child’s fingers get stuck between the clamp and the bar if the chair does detach.
Although the chairs that the warning refers are those that don’t have plastic spacers between the front horizontal metal bar and the table clampsm those that do are also being evaluated. The CPSC says that it did not approve the free repair kit that the company is offering. It also says that the marketing and packaging materials that show the clip-on chair being used in ways that could cause it to detach from the chair don’t warn of the dangers.
As our child injury lawyers have reported in the past, fingertip amputation is one of the more common types of hand injuries to children. This injury can lead to infection, loss of feeling or motion, and even permanent fingertip loss. The risk of head injury is also a common one for young children who are more prone to fall accidents than older kids and adults.
CPSC Alert: Consumers Urged To Stop Using phil&teds USA Clip-on Chairs Due To Serious Dangers Posed To Children, CPSC, May 6, 2011
Gov’t warns kids’ tabletop chairs not safe, AP, May 6, 2011

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Our products liability lawyers represent families against negligent manufacturers whose products have caused serious injuries to kids and babies. We know how to prove that a product was defective or malfunctioned or did not come with the proper warnings or instructions.


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