Air Bag Defect Prompts Honda to Recall another 273,000 Autos

In its fifth recall over the same auto defect since 2008, Honda is recalling another 273,00 motor vehicles because of a faulty air-bag deployment system. This latest announcement ups the number of autos affected to almost 2 million.
The safety issue involves the driver’s side air bag, which could deploy in too forceful a manner during a crash. If this were to happen, the metal inflator casing, which holds explosive propellant, might rupture, causing pieces of shrapnel to burst forth to potentially kill the driver. Honda also will inspect another 603,000 motor vehicles to check whether defective parts were used to fix autos that had been involved in traffic crashes.
Two deaths and 18 injuries have been linked to this air bag safety issue. The automaker says it decided to announce another recall after finding out about yet another driver who had gotten hurt. Honda is calling this safety defect a “serious matter.”
Air Bag Defects
Our air bag defect lawyers are familiar with the serious injuries that can result because this safety device malfunctioned. Air bags are there to protect vehicle occupants. They are supposed to deploy during serious crashes. When an airbag doesn’t go off upon impact, this can cause serious injury to the victim, who may end up hitting the steering wheel or crashing through the windshield. If the airbag deploys at the wrong angle or too slowly this too can cause serious injuries. An air bag that goes off when it isn’t supposed to, such as while the driver is on a freeway and hasn’t been involved in the crash, can also prove dangerous. The driver, at this point, could end up involved in a traffic crash because he or she cannot see the road and may have a hard time maneuvering the vehicle with the air bag fully inflated in front of the steering wheeling or pushing against him/her from the side of the vehicle.
Car manufacturers know how important proper deployment of an air bag is to saving people’s lives and it is their job to make sure that this safety device is free from any defects that could cause serious injuries or wrongful death. You should retain the serves of a personal injury law firm that that is experienced with dealing with auto products liability cases involving air bag defects.
Our air bag defect law firm is not afraid to pursue large auto manufacturers for damages on our clients’ behalf. There is no reason why you need to foot your medical expenses and other related costs because an automaker was negligent.
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