Little Tikes Recalls Another 1.7 Million Toy Workshop and Tool Sets Over Choking Hazard

More than two years after recalling approximately 1.6 million Little Tikes™ Workshops Sets and Trucks after an 11-month-old South Carolina boy choked on a toy nail that got stuck in his throat, the manufacturer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are recalling another 1.7 million units–this time of Little Tikes® Workshop and Tool Sets–over the same child choking hazard posed by the plastic toy nails.
The recall comes after reports of another two child choking accidents involving nails getting lodge in kids’ throats. Both incidents occurred before the 2009 recall. Fortunately, all three children were treated at hospitals and fully recovered.
Choking Hazards and Toys
Per the CPSC, in the last 18 years, more than 290 kids have died because of toy-related incidents. Over 55% of these involved choking that resulted in asphyxia. The majority of choking accidents involved toy parts, balls, and balloons.
Most of the kids were younger than age 5, which is not surprising, considering that choking is the number one cause of accidental child death for kids 10 and under. Not only is this because a young child’s trachea is so narrow–about the size of a drinking straw in diameter–but also, young kids are especially prone to put small objects in their mouth without realizing how dangerous this can be for them. Over 10,000 children end up in hospital emergency rooms each year for treatment of choking-related injuries.
Examples of toy items that can pose a choking hazard:
• Marbles
• Small parts
• Tiny figures
• Button size batteries for toys
• Crayons
• Small, removeable toy parts
Toys are not the only products that can pose choking hazards. Toymakers and the manufacturers of other products know of this danger and they are supposed to make toys for infants and toddlers that minimize this risk. Unfortunately, products are still getting made that do pose a choking hazard to children. Our products liability lawyers have watched as teething products, rattles, and other items that have had to be recalled because they were small enough that they were too easy to swallow.
Unfortunately, in many instances, safety recalls aren’t announced until after someone has already gotten hurt. It is always a good idea to properly supervise your child/monitor the types of toys and other products he/she is allowed to use just in case. For older kids, smaller toys and toy parts should come with the proper warnings of any risks.
Our child injury lawyers represent families whose children were injured because a product was defective or posed some type of safety hazard. You should not be afraid to hold a negligent manufacturer, seller, or distributor liable for products liability.
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