More Pourable Gel Fuel Recalled by Manufacturers

Another six companies are recalling their pourable gel fuel products over concerns that they may causeburn injuries to consumers. It was just last month that nine other manufacturers recalled more than 2 million units of pourable gel units following reports of serious injuries and deaths.
The gel fuel can ignite when being poured into a still lit firepot. In the event that the fuel was to splatter, landing on people, objects, and the surrounding area, flash fires can erupt, causing serious burn injuries.
Already, there have been at least 65 incidents reported. 28 of them resulted in 37 burn injuries. These flash fires can be hard to extinguish. A person on fire because of a gel fuel cannot just “stop, drop, and roll.” Dousing the victim with water won’t necessarily do the job either and trying to pat the fire off him/her can cause the flames to spread onto the person attempting to make a rescue. According the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a BC-rated or ABC-rated dry powder/chemical fire extinguisher is your best bet.
Burns injuries to the face, hands, chest, arms, and legs and at least two deaths have occurred from these accidents. Recent injury victims include a 14-year-old who went into a coma and needed a ventilator to stay alive. Two male adult friends sustained numerous burn injuries during the same incident. One of the victims, 24, already has had multiple surgeries to treat his burns.
One couple recently filed a Florida products liability lawsuit over their burn injuries from using a NAPAfire and FIREGEL Gel Fuel, which also has recalled its gel fuel products. Because that company has sued for bankruptcy, they are not pursuing damages against it. They are, however, going after the sellers of the gel fuel and firepot and the company that packaged the product.
Remember, that there may be more than one party that can be held liable for burn injuries caused by a defective product. Depending on the specifics of your case, manufacturers, sellers, retailers, those in charge with packaging and marketing the products, and distributors are just some of the possible defendants.
List of manufacturers that have recalled their pourable gel fuel products:
• Napa Home & Garden, which recently declared bankruptcy
• Smart Solar Inc.
Pacific Décor Ltd.
• Lamplight Farms Inc.
• Sunjel Company
• Bird Brain Inc.
• Real Flame of Racine
• Luminosities Inc.
• Fuel Barons Inc.
• Bond Manufacturing
• Husqvarna Zenoah Co. Ltd.
• Luminosities/Windflame Inc.
• Smart Solar Inc.
• Real Flame
• Fuel Barons
• Bond Manufacturing Co.
You want to work with a products liability law firm that knows how to prove that a company was negligent.
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