Goodyear Recalls Approximately 41,000 Wrangler Silent Armor Tires

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. says it is recalling approximately 41,000 Wrangler Silent Armor tires because it is worried that some of them might tear, causing tread separation and potentially deadly collisions. The tire manufacturer says that six sizes, which were made in 2009, are affected.
Approximately 27,000 of the recalled tires are thought to be in use. They can be found on vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and for off-road use at construction areas Goodyear says that severe conditions might cause partial tire tread separation, which could result in a car crash and/or vehicle damage. According to the tire maker, two people were killed in a Texas rollover accident last year involving a motor vehicle that used the now-recalled tires.
Tread separation occurs when a tire’s tread comes off its body or casing. This can lead to a tire blowout, which can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a rollover accident and/or a collision with other vehicles. Vehicles with high gravity centers are especially prone to rollover due to tread separation.
Unfortunately, tire blowouts and tread separation have resulted in many injuries and deaths over the years. While there are steps that a motorist can take to prevent both, including regular maintenance, checking tire pressure to make sure that they aren’t overinflated or underinflated, and replacing tires when they are worn, it is still up to the manufacturer to make sure that the tires that they put out are free of any defects that could cause them to fail. Common causes of tread separation include manufacture defects and design defects, including poor bonding, inadequate quality control, over aged skim stock, using certain solvents on tire parts, inadequate inspection, and insufficient nylon overlays.
If you or someone you love was injured in a tire defect crash, you should contact an experienced auto products liability law firm right away. While going after a large manufacturer can seem like an intimidating task, with the right tread separation law firm standing by you, you increase your chances of financial recovery.
In December 2010, the Nevada Supreme Court upheld a $32.2 million tire blowout verdict against Goodyear over a Utah 15-passenger van accident that killed three family members in 2004. Ford Motor Co. and Valley View Hitch and Truck Rental Company also settled the wrongful deaths claims filed by surviving relatives.
The year before, a 12-year-old boy was awarded a $12 million auto products liability verdict after he was paralyzed in a 2006 motor vehicle crash in Mexico. Michelin & Cie had manufactured the Goodrich tire that failed, causing the driver of the pickup to collide into a Chevy suburban. All of the people in the SUV, including four kids younger than 14, died. Guzman and others in the pickup sustained injuries. His spinal cord injury has left him paralyzed.
Goodyear Recalls Wrangler Silent Armor Tires, Fox Business/Reuters, February 27, 2012

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