Even as Number of Childrens Product Recalls Went Down in 2011, The Amount of Injuries Rose

According to a report released by Kids In Danger (KID), although the number of children’s products that were recalled last year declined by 24%, there was a 7% increase in the number injuries and incidents related to the recalls. The advocacy group says that because of the confidentiality involving the recall process, it can be hard to figure out the reason for the decrease in recalls. For example, could there really be less dangerous products in the marketplace now or was the Consumer Product Safety Commission unable to get companies to recall certain products?
The decline in recalls, however, does come just as new requirements for testing and standards have gone into effect as part of the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). That said, any child injuries caused by any products, whether recalled or not, is never a positive development. Our products liability lawyers at The Gilbert Law Group® make it our business to help children and their families obtain the personal injury or wrongful death compensation that they are owed.
Per some of KID’s findings in its report, in 2011:
• The CPSC recalled 121 children’s products (39% of the total products it recalled).
• There were over 11.6 million units of kids products recalled.
• Three recalls involved at least a million units or more, respectively.
• The biggest recalls involved 1.7 million baby monitors (over concerns they posed a strangulation hazard) and 1.7 million toy tools and workbenches over worries that their parts might end up stuck in a child’s throat.
• 30% of the children’s products recalled were nursery products.
• 26% of the children’s products recalled were toys.
• Little girl’s KEDS shoes with decorative stars caused the most injuries with 27 laceration reports.
• 14 sleep environment products, including a bassinet, a crib, a canopy bed, and bunk beds were recalled.
• Prior to its recalled, the Adventure Playset Swingset was named in 500 incident reports.
• A remote control chopper, a swing set, and pogo sticks received over 100 reports before their recalls were announced.
Children and babies are vulnerable to serious injuries and even death when exposed to a product that is unsafe for use. It is unfortunate that there are still kids’ products out there that continue to pose the hazards of choking, laceration, suffocation, strangulation, toxic poisoning, or other dangers.
You may be able to sue the manufacturer, distributor, seller, or retailer that allowed you to have access/purchase a dangerous/defective/malfunctioning product. Even when a product is used as intended, if it proves to be dangerous and causes serious harm, you still may have grounds for a products liability case.
A Measure of Safety: Children’s Product Recalls in 2011, KIDS in Danger, KIDS, March 26, 2012
Read the Report (PDF)
Consumer Product Safety Commission

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