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Blog Posts in 2013

  • A Dealer Can Be Held Strictly Liable for Auto Defect Even If Not the Seller, Says Appeals Court

    The California Court of Appeals has ruled that auto dealerships that deliver and inspect new vehicles for automakers can be held strictly liable for any defect even if they did not sell the faulty car or were negligent in any way. The decision reinstates the portion of an auto products liability lawsuit against Todey Motor Co. in Oxnard that was filed by plaintiff Fernando Ibarra. Ibarra was ...
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  • Chrysler Group Inc. Sued in Texas Auto Defects Case Over Tire Defect, SUV Rollover

    The family of Gabriell Kirst has filed a Texas auto products liability case against Chrysler Group Inc. Kirst was killed in 2012 when the 2005 Dodge Durango she was riding in rolled over after one of its tires delaminated. Also named as a defendant in the tire defects lawsuit is Juan G. Contreras (doing business as Laredo Auto Sales), who sold the auto to Michael and Jennifer Kirst less than a ...
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  • CPSC Consumer Reports Warn of Stroller Dangers

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Consumer Reports, there are a number of strollers out in the marketplace that are not safe for kids to use. Some strollers even pose a strangulation hazard. This safety issue can arise when the space between the stroller’s seat and the tray/barrier is big enough for a child’s unharnessed body to slip right out, but not large enough that the ...
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  • The Number of High Chair Injuries Have Gone Up, Says Study

    A new study found in the Clinical Pediatrics journal is reporting that between 2003 and 2010 there has been a more than 22% rise in injuries involving high chairs. According to the study, some 9,400 high chair-related injuries are treated in the US every year with fall accidents as the most common type of incident. While researchers don’t know exactly why the number of high chair injuries has gone ...
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  • Idaho School Bus Crash Kills One Child, Injures Four

    Investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly Idaho bus crash that claimed the life of one 11-year-old child and hurt four others. The catastrophic incident happened on Thursday when the bus and a dump truck collided on a two-lane country road in a rural area. ABC News says that the vehicle was transporting 12 kids to Crimson Point Elementary School in the morning. The children were ...
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  • Actor Paul Walker's California Car Crash Death Places Spotlight on the Porsche Carrera GT

    This Saturday, “Fast & Furious” Star Paul Walker and part-time race car driver Roger Rodas were killed in California car crash when the Porsche Carrera GT they were riding struck a tree and a light pole, prompting the vehicle to burst into flames. According to a preliminary autopsy report from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, Walker died from multiple thermal and traumatic injuries—meaning ...
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  • Toys and Other Holiday Gifts Can Cause Child Injuries

    The holiday season has finally arrived and so has World Against Toys Causing Harm’s “Worst Toy List” for 2013. At the Gilbert Law Group, our products liability lawyers represent families whose children suffered serious injuries because of unsafe or faulty toys. Manufacturers have a duty to make products that are safe for use. When failure to do so causes child injuries, this could be grounds for a ...
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  • Heavy Winter Coats and Car Seats Are Not A Safe Combo, Says

    According to, having a child wear a bulky winter coat while seated in a car seat can be dangerous. The reason for this is that the heavy clothing can create too much space between the harness and the child’s body. Tom Sargent Safety Center at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital medical director Dr. Benjamin Hoffman says that this gives a child more room to be “thrust forward” in a crash. Dr. ...
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  • 600,000 Angelcare Baby Monitors Recalled Following Two Baby Deaths

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 600,000 baby monitors after two infants suffered fatal regulations. The product is the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitors with Sensor Pads from Angelcare Monitors Inc. The baby monitors were sold at different US retailers, specialty shops, and online between 1999 and 2013. Aside from the two infants who died from cord strangulation—one in ...
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  • Air Bag/Seat Belt Defects Lawsuit Seeks Wrongful Death Damages for Widower from Ford

    A man whose wife died after she was ejected from her vehicle during a May 3, 2011 multi-vehicle crash is suing Ford Motor Co. for her West Virginia wrongful death. Philip Stewart says that his wife Mary was thrown from the car because of alleged airbag and seat belt defects. She died from her injuries. According to the auto products liability lawsuit, Mary, the mom of two teenagers and a school ...
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  • The Number of Magnet Injuries Involving Kids is Rising

    According to MedPage Today , the number of children going to emergency rooms after playing with magnets went up over five-fold between 2002 to 2011. Researchers of a recent study say that this is much higher than what was previously estimated. The study looked at close to 900 magnet-related injuries involving adolescents and kids under the age of 21. From 2010 to 2011 alone, magnet ingestions ...
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  • $16.5M Georgia Tire Blowout Verdict Awarded to Refugee's Family in 15-Passenger Van Death

    A jury has awarded a $16.5 million Georgia 15-passenger van accident verdict to the family of Bhutanese refugee Kharka Chhetri. Defendants in the tire blowout case included Michelin North America and van driver Bhim Bhista. The Chevrolet 3500 van was transporting 15 people to a chicken plant when the tire damage happened. The vehicle then struck the median guardrail and overturned. 12 people were ...
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  • Mother Settles Oklahoma Playground Accident Death Case With X-Wave Manufacturer

    One mother has settled her Oklahoma playground accident lawsuit seeking damages for the wrongful death of her 9-year-old daughter, Alyssa Avila. The fourth grader died in 2010 after falling from an X-Wave, which is like a teeter-totter that can take numerous riders at once, at her school. The details of the products liability settlement are confidential. Alyssa fell from the X-Wave while a section ...
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  • Toyota Will Pay $3M Sudden Unintended Acceleration Verdict

    A jury says that Toyota Motor Corporation must pay $3M in the Oklahoma sudden unintended acceleration lawsuit filed by an injured elderly and the family of her passenger that died in a 2007 car crash. $1.5 million will go to Jean Bookout, 76, and the other half to the family of Barbara Schwartz. The automaker settled with the plaintiffs before the jury could decide on punitive damages. Bookout ...
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  • New Cradle and Bassinet Federal Safety Standard Gets CPSC Approval

    The CPSC has approved the government’s new federal safety standard for bassinets and cradles. The standards were created to prevent child injuries and deaths caused by these products. Between 11/07 and 3/13, the agency was notified of 426 bassinet/cradle incidents resulting in 132 infant fatalities. The standard weaves in elements of the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bassinets and ...
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