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Recent New York and Colorado Fall Accidents Highlights Dangers Involving Window Screens and Balconies

A man has died in a Colorado fall accident when he went through window in a room on the 11th floor of the Lady Luck Hotel. Dirk A. Anderson, who was at a bachelor party, was reportedly sitting on a window ledge when he leaned backward. The window screen gave way and he fell out, landing on a parking garage roof.

Anderson’s window fall comes a little over two weeks after another incident involving a 35-year-old woman who fell from her 17th-floor apartment balcony. In that New York fall accident, Jennifer Rosoff fell when the balcony railing broke.

A law-enforcement source later told the New York Post that “every balcony at the prewar building” where Rosoff lived did not meet code or was defective. According to the city’s Department of Buildings, the building was half a year late in submitting a facade report. If, in fact, the balcony railing was defective, Rosoff’s family could have grounds to file a New York product defect lawsuit for her wrongful death.

At The Gilbert Law Group®, our product defect law firm represents people that have sustained injuries or lost loved ones because of product malfunctions, flaws, or failures. We go after the manufacturers, sellers, and/or distributors of these products for damages, including wrongful death.

Balcony Failures
Common causes of balcony accidents:
• Structural problems
• Defective or broken balcony railings
• Rot in wooden balconies
• Railings that aren’t high enough to protect kids from failing
• Failure to meet code
• Inadequate maintenance
• Incorrectly calculated weight load safety

Window Screen Defects
Anderson died when the screen of a window gave way. It is the responsibility of building owners to make sure that window screens are working properly, safely installed, and secured. The company tasked with installing a window screen must make sure to do that job correctly.

A window screen keeps bugs from getting in, and it is supposed provide some protection by serving as a barrier so that people don’t fall out by accident. Manufacturers are supposed to make sure that their screen products are free from any safety defects.

Possible liable parties involving a window fall lawsuit:
• The building owner
• The window seller, maker, or distributor
• Anyone who might have been involved in the window fall

Children are especially a risk of fall accidents from windows, and over 5,000 kids and teens hurt every year. Toddlers are most susceptible because they are usually top heavy in size, which makes it easier for them to topple out and over.

Porch and Deck Collapses
Personal injury accidents also can happen because of deck and porch collapses. Though generally not as high up as balconies and windows on upper floors, the injuries can be very serious—especially when a balcony or porch is filled with people, such as when there is a barbecue or some other gathering.

Common causes of porch and deck collapses:
• Poor construction
• Poor maintenance
• Design defect
• Rotting or eroding materials
• Overcrowding that creates a weight beyond what the deck or porch can handle
• Structural failures or stress

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