Chrysler Group Inc. Sued in Texas Auto Defects Case Over Tire Defect, SUV Rollover

The family of Gabriell Kirst has filed a Texas auto products liability case against Chrysler Group Inc. Kirst was killed in 2012 when the 2005 Dodge Durango she was riding in rolled over after one of its tires delaminated. Also named as a defendant in the tire defects lawsuit is Juan G. Contreras (doing business as Laredo Auto Sales), who sold the auto to Michael and Jennifer Kirst less than a month before the deadly crash.

All three Kirsts, as well as David Kirst, were riding in the car when the tire fell apart, causing an SUV rollover. David and Gabriell were thrown from the vehicle even though they were wearing seat belts. Gabriell died from her injuries.

The surviving Kirsts say they sustained injuries that were debilitating and serious. They contend that the SUV did not have proper crashworthiness protection, including the appropriate systems for proper seat belt restraint, airbag protection, electronic stability control, and rollover occupant protection.The Kirsts want over $1 million in auto defects damages.

Tire Delamination

Tire delamination occurs when parts of a tire begin to separate. This typically occurs when a vehicle is moving. Other terms for tire delamination include tire detreading or tread separation. A tire that loses its tread can quickly decrease tire pressure or blow out. This can make it difficult, even impossible, for the driver to control the vehicle, especially if the latter is moving at a high speed.

A tire blowout or tread separation can cause the vehicle to swing sideways, veer in a different direction, or tip over—the latter, potentially causing a vehicle rollover that can result in serious head injuries, traumatic brain injury, vehicle ejection, spinal cord injuries, and death. Common causes of tire defects can include design defects, poor placement of tire belts, inadequate safety belt system, no nylon overlay, and poor tire parts adhesion. Adhesion failures can come from manufacturing problems, including use of old adhesives, facilities that are not clean, or the unwanted involvement of contaminants and other foreign materials. Tire detreading is mostly linked to steel belted radial tires.

You may have reason to pursue your tire defects case with the automaker, tire manufacturer, dealer, the owner that sold you a secondhand car, and others. Tire defect cases, like all auto products liability cases, can be more complex than car crash cases that were caused by a driver’s negligence. You want to work with a tire blowout law firm that has the technology, resources, knowledge, and experience to prove exactly what happened and why it happened and knows how to hold all liable parties liable.

Tire blowouts can lead to vehicle rollovers—SUV rollovers, in particular. Again, you want to work with an experienced rollover law firm that knows how to handle these types of claims and lawsuits. Contact The Gilbert Law Group today. We represent clients throughout the US.


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