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Seat Belt Failure Causes Serious Injuries

Seat beltAlmost every state and territory of the United States has enacted either a primary or secondary seatbelt law. Such laws have saved countless lives and prevented innumerable injuries, but they’re only as good as the seat belts they mandate. Unfortunately, some auto manufacturers place profits ahead of safety and deliver vehicles with faulty seat belts.

Think of vehicle crashes as consisting of two collisions. The first collision is the one we all think of when we hear “car accident.” It’s the initial impact of two vehicles colliding with one another. But a second collision takes place when an occupant collides with the interior of the vehicle or is ejected and hits the ground, another object, or even another car. It is this second collision that seat belts are meant to prevent.

Seat belts can fail to protect occupants for many reasons:

  • Failure to latch
  • Damaged webbing (straps)
  • Retractor failure
  • Lack of a shoulder belt

Any of these can cause catastrophic injury to motorists and passengers.

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