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New Teen Drivers and Back to School Safety

Back to School Teen Driver SafetyAs children head back to school this fall, some parents have one more thing to worry about – their new teen driver. Early mornings, streets and parking lots full of kids, and friends in the car can all be a challenge for the new driver. To help keep your new driver safe and accident free as they head to school this fall, share these tips:

  • Get enough sleep. Teenagers’ lives are often filled with late nights, lots of after-school activities and early mornings to make it to class. Make sure to get enough shut-eye to stay alert behind the wheel.
  • Never ever text and drive. In fact, put that cell phone down and out of reach while driving. That text, Facebook post, or SnapChat is not worth anyone’s life.
  • Keep your focus on the road. A child can dart out in an instant. Instead of focusing on your friends’ stories and the latest song, keep your mind on the roadway and your surroundings.
  • Don’t be afraid to call for a ride. Alternate transportation, or staying over at a friend’s house, may be the answer if you feel nervous about driving in bad weather or traffic or if you are just too tired to concentrate behind the wheel.

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