Preventing Scalding Burn Injuries

The most common burn injury among young children is scalding. Many of the hundreds of scalding injuries each year are preventable.

Scald burns occur during ordinary activities like bathing and cooking. Young children often don’t understand the danger of liquids that are too hot. They are also more susceptible to burns. It takes only 5 seconds for a young child’s skin to be burned by 140 degree liquid and only 1 second for 160 degree liquid.

Know how to protect your children at home. Follow these tips:Denver burn injury lawyer

  • Keep water heater temperatures set to 120 degrees or lower.
  • Fill the bathtub with cold water first and then mix in warm water.
  • Check water temperature first. If it feels too hot for an adult, it is definitely too hot for a child.
  • Place children at the far end of the tub away from faucets.
  • Always supervise young children in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Turn pot handles inward to keep them away from small hands.
  • Create a no child zone while handling hot liquids in the kitchen.
  • Don’t hold or carry your child while cooking.

At The Gilbert Law Group®, we are dedicated to representing victims who have been seriously injured by burns. If your child has suffered a burn injury, call the experienced Denver burn injury attorneys at(303) 431-1111 today for your consultation.


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