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What's the Safest Vehicle for Your Teen Driver?

When your teen reaches driving age, it can seem like the scariest time in your life. Suddenly your child is licensed to be behind the wheel of a car all alone on the roadway. As a parent, one of your priorities is to ensure that your teen is driving a safe vehicle. Whether your teen is driving their own car or sharing one with the family, remember these tips to keep him or her safer in the driver's seat:Automotive Defect Injury Attorney

  • Avoid high horsepower. Giving a teen a powerful engine can be too tempting for him or her to test the limits of the vehicle. Lower horsepower often keeps teens at more reasonable speeds.
  • Consider larger, heavier vehicles. Midsize cars or larger will protect teens better in crashes, and statistically, teens have less accidents in larger vehicles.
  • Look for electronic stability control (ESC). This feature helps your teen maintain control on slippery roads and curves.
  • Choose a vehicle with a good safety rating. Cars with 4 or 5 star safety ratings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will keep your teen and family the safest.

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