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Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Trunk Entrapment Safety

    Each year, 10 to 20 people die because they are trapped in the trunk of a car. Many of these victims are children playing hide-and-seek or other games around vehicles. They do not realize how quickly they can overheat once inside a trunk with no way out. Since 2002, the number of deaths of children have decreased significantly because new cars are required to be equipped with release handles. But ...
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  • Keep Your Child Safe from Frontovers Accidents

    We often hear about the dangers and tragedies of vehicles backing over children, but as a parent you should also be aware of the hazards associated with a car driving forward over a child. Similar to backover accidents, frontover accidents usually occur in driveways or parking lots when the driver is moving slowly and does not see the child in danger before it is too late. Tragically, a parent or ...
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  • Seatbelt Safety Tips for Pre-Teens

    From 1975 to 2012, the lives of 10,174 children were saved because of the use of seatbelts. Teaching good seatbelt habits starts at an early age. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, only 54% of high schoolers reported wearing seatbelts when they were a passenger in a car. To keep our kids safe whether they are in the car with a parent or a friend, we need to teach kids early about seatbelt safety. ...
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  • What If I am Partially at Fault for My Accident?

    Even if you are partially at fault for the injuries sustained in your accident, you still have options to recover from the other parties who share responsibility for the accident. Watch Colorado Lawyer James L. Gilbert of The Gilbert Law Group explain what your options are. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, please call the experienced personal injury lawyers at The Gilbert ...
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  • IKEA Dresser Consumer Warning for Children

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning about IKEA dressers and drawers that pose a serious risk of injury and death to children. Two deaths have been reported from the dressers toppling on children. If a child sees an object he or she wants on top of the dresser, his or her natural inclination will be to climb the dresser. An unanchored chest of drawers can come toppling down ...
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  • Preventing Backover Tragedies of Children from Vehicles

    Each year thousands of children suffer serious injuries or are killed because a driver backing up did not see them. Most accidents occur when backing out of the driveway at home or backing out of a parking space. Victims of backover accidents are usually around one year old, and over 60 percent of accidents involve a larger vehicle, such as a van or SUV, common family vehicles. Tips for keeping ...
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  • Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke in Children in Hot Cars

    Summertime brings longer, warmer days for you and your kids to enjoy outside. But it also causes dangerously hot conditions if your child is trapped in a parked car, where temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees. About 38 children are killed each year from heat stroke suffered from the extreme heat of a closed up car. Infants are especially at risk since they cannot notify you that they have ...
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  • What Are Compensatory and Punitive Damages?

    Watch Colorado Lawyer James L. Gilbert of The Gilbert Law Group® explain what punitive and compensatory damages are and when they may be available in your personal injury case. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, please call the experienced personal injury lawyers at The Gilbert Law Group® at (303) 431-1111 for your free consultation. Based in Denver, Colorado, we represent ...
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  • Protect Your Toddler from the Poisoning Hazards of Detergent Pods

    If you have adopted the trend of using detergent pods instead of liquid detergent, then you know how convenient they can be. But if you have small children around, you should also be aware of the dangers they pose. Each year poison centers receive plenty of calls about children who have swallowed liquid laundry detergent. Many times these cases end up being nothing more harmful than an upset ...
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