Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke in Children in Hot Cars

Preventing Heat Stroke in ChildrenSummertime brings longer, warmer days for you and your kids to enjoy outside. But it also causes dangerously hot conditions if your child is trapped in a parked car, where temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees.

About 38 children are killed each year from heat stroke suffered from the extreme heat of a closed up car. Infants are especially at risk since they cannot notify you that they have been left behind. One forgetful moment can lead to tragedy. Remember these tips to ensure your child’s safety:

  • Make a habit of putting something in the backseat near your child’s safety seat that will require you to open the back door every time you park. This can be a purse, wallet, cell phone, employee badge, or any other item you would always open that door to retrieve.
  • Keep a stuffed animal in your child’s safety seat when it is empty. When you buckle your child in, move the stuffed animal to the front seat with you. This way you’ll know that every time you have a stuffed animal in the passenger seat, you still have a passenger depending on you in the back seat.
  • Request that your childcare provider call you immediately if your child does not arrive on time to daycare.
  • Never text and drive and avoid phone calls if possible. These distractions can make you forget your precious cargo. By the time you remember, it could be too late to save him or her from the heat.

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