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SUV Rollover Lawyer DenverRollover accidents are among the most violent and costly types of car accidents on the road. Only three percent of car crashes involve a rollover, but rollovers are responsible for roughly a third of auto accident fatalities. SUVs are particularly prone to this type of crash, and it’s often due to oversight on the part of the manufacturer.

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are often more prone to rollover accidents than other kinds of passenger vehicles because these vehicles have a higher center of gravity relative to their wheelbase. Here are a few ways to prevent and survive an SUV rollover accident.

Upgrade to a newer model. Newer SUVs are less prone to rolling over than older models, but they’re by no means immune.

Don’t overload your SUV. Remember, lower is better when loading your vehicle, and avoid placing anything heavy in a rooftop box, as this can substantially raise the center of gravity.

Keep your tires in good shape. Your tires should have adequate tread and should be inflated to the recommended pressure.

Always wear your seat belt. This goes for the driver and all of his or her passengers. Nearly 75 percent of occupants who are ejected in a rollover crash are killed. Wearing your seat belt improves your odds of survival dramatically.

An SUV's vulnerability to rollover accidents is a kind of automotive defect, which can happen when an automaker prioritizes shareholder profits over consumer safety. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to damages. Please contact Denver’s Gilbert Law Group today or call (303) 431-1111 to schedule your free consultation with our SUV rollover lawyers.