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Drowning Accidents - Water Safety Month

Without a beachy coastline in Denver, hotel swimming pools and spas are two of the most popular and most fun places to take a dip during the summer season. With the observance of May’s Water Safety Month however, we are reminded that these amenities can also be dangerous if the operating facility has not maintained the pool or spa to ensure that it meets the most current safety regulations, especially when it comes to unsafe drain covers and drowning accidents.

Sometimes a drain cover product can be faulty, whether due to age, defects or breakages. In other cases, proper safety equipment such as entrapment devices might be missing altogether. Subsequently, without properly maintained drainage systems, these pools and spas may be held responsible for putting you at risk for product-induced drowning accidents.

This is because when drain covers are insufficient, broken or missing, any part of your body can be subject to harm from the powerful suction of these unsafe drains. As a result, drowning accidents can occur when:

  • Your hair becomes entangled in a faulty or broken drain cover
  • Your limbs or fingers become lodged in unsafe suction openings
  • Your jewelry or bathing suit gets caught in a broken drain cover
  • You are exposed to powerful suction that holds down larger parts of your body, especially when in a sitting position than can cause disembowelment

Though as a swimmer or supervisor you may take great caution around the water, the negligence of a pool or spa facility to regulate its equipment can subject you to harm

If your loved one has been involved in a drowning accident and you believe it may have been the result of an unsafe drain cover, contact our experienced Gilbert Law Group Denver product liability attorney at (303) 431-1111 today to schedule a complimentary consultation.