May 2016 is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

All drivers on the roads of America need to remember that sharing the road safely is a constant responsibility, especially when much smaller vehicles, such as a motorcycle, are nearby. In an effort to bring attention to the dangers motorcyclists face each and every time they start up their ride, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared that May 2016 is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

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Areas of concern the NHTSA wishes to address include:

  • Road-sharing: Motorcycles must be treated as if they are full-sized vehicles that demand an entire lane. Many motorcycle accidents occur when a driver attempts to pass a motorcycle without there being ample space to do so, and vice versa. Riders should also not use the sleekness of their motorcycle to weave between traffic, even stopped traffic, as this increases the chance of surprising a driver and being struck, or getting hit by an opening door.
  • Sobriety: According to the NHTSA’s research, 35% of motorcycle traffic fatalities in 2013 involved riders who were intoxicated (any blood alcohol concentration over 0.1%). Motorcycles can be difficult to control with a level-head; drunkenness simply makes the task too difficult and drunk riding must be completely avoided.
  • Helmet use: Only 60% of all motorcyclists regularly use a helmet that has safety standards matching or exceeding those set by the Department of Transportation. Please always wear a helmet that sits squarely on your head and that will not come loose while you ride. Remember: a proper helmet does not cause any significant vision or hearing loss and will not impede your safety at all.
  • Traffic stops: Many motorcycle accidents involve the rider speeding illegally, usually 15 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit. The NHTSA has encouraged local law enforcements to do more to stop reckless riders before they get themselves and others hurt.

After a Motorcycle Accident

Even with the NHTSA’s extra attention to motorcycle safety awareness coming up in May, there will likely be hundreds of motorcycle accidents across the country that month. If you are a rider and are hurt in a collision with another motorist, The Gilbert Law Group® and our motorcycle accident attorneys can help you seek compensation. Using our decades of combined legal experience, and the scientific insight of our full-time, in-house engineering staff, we can fully investigate your claim to determine liability, whether it rests solely on the person who struck you or also in part on the motorcycle manufacturer.

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