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1.73 Million Trucks Recalled for Possible Airbag Defects

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recalled 1.73 million trucks this month for defects that may cause airbags to go off for no reason.

In over a million trucks, the steering wheel wiring harness may be to blame when it wears thin because of contact with a spring. This wear can cause driver-side airbag deployment. Two injuries have already occurred because of the defect, although FCA says it is not aware of any accidents caused by the defect.

In an additional 156,498 trucks, welds in the steering components may not be sufficient to hold the components together. This can lead to separation of components in the steering wheel and affect steering response.

Another 188,000 vehicles are being recalled to reduce the risk of rear passenger ejection in rollover accidents by bringing side curtain airbags into compliance with federal regulations.

These recalls come after FCA agreed to hire an independent monitor for recalls after a government investigation of the delayed handling of 23 recalls and the record fine of $105 million.

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