December is Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has stated that close to a quarter of a million emergency room visits each years are related to dangerous or defective toys. The vast majority of those injuries are caused to children less than 15 years old. It is also believed that many of the incidents of children being exposed to dangerous toys happens around the holidays, as gift giving from relatives and loved ones increases that time of the year.

For this reason and more, the Prevent Blindness America group has declared December to be Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month. The goal of the campaign, which occurs annually, not only in 2016, is to encourage parents and relatives to think twice before giving a gift to a child. Is the product age-appropriate? Any hazards in the design of the toy that can be clearly distinguished? Could it pose an immediate threat to an infant or a toddler? All of these questions and more must be asked before gifting a toy.

A couple safety guidelines the Prevent Blindness America group promotes are:

  • Always inspect a toy before purchasing and after it is opened before a child can play with it.
  • Toys that shoot small bits or have detachable parts may pose serious choking hazards; clearly instruct children to never put plastic or toys in their mouths.
  • Put some pressure on the toy and its connection points to ensure it will not shatter while the child is playing with it.
  • Before using any sports equipment, ensure respective protective gear has also been provided.
  • Take extra care to never give a child with lead in it, as this could cause lead poisoning.
  • Only purchase nontoxic crayons and markers for children; some art pens, markers, and paints meant for adult crafts are toxic and can injure children.
  • Magnets and batteries should never be part of a child’s toy; ingesting a battery or magnet can cause severe poisoning and blindness.

To learn more about blindness prevention and safe toys, visit Prevent Blindness’s website by clicking here. If your child has been hurt by a defective or dangerous product, the nationally-renowned product liability attorneys at The Gilbert Law Group® can help you file a claim. We only get paid if we win your case and we offer a free case evaluation to all clients!


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