How to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

While the holidays are a time to gather around in good cheer with family and friends, they also come with many potential dangers. It’s best to avoid certain hazards this, and every, holiday season, so as not to get hurt in the midst of all the celebrating.

At The Gilbert Law Group®, we want to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe in these final weeks of the year. Follow the 3 holiday safety tips below, and contact our Denver personal injury attorneys if you or someone you know is hurt during this holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tip #1: Try to Stay off the Roads

Each year, the number of Americans traveling during the holidays continues to go up. AAA found that in 2017, 107.3 million people in the United States took a trip between December 23rd and January 1st. That’s up 3% from the year before and marks the sixth year in a row the average number of holiday travelers has risen.

90.7% of these trips are made behind the wheel, with a total of 97.3 million Americans taking a driving trip for the holidays in 2017. While crowded roads alone can be a safety concern, it’s also important to consider the way winter weather impacts driving. Every year, snow storms interfere with travel plans across America, with poor visibility, cold temperatures, and slick surfaces making it extremely difficult to operate a vehicle in many parts of the country. Complicating matters further is the amount of drinking-related collisions that occur during the holiday season. It’s been reported that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the amount of driving fatalities stemming from DUIs goes up from 41% to 46%.

With all the congestion on the roads, along with inclement weather and DUI rates to account for, accidents tend to be fairly common around the holidays. In fact, New Year’s and Christmas Day both rank among the most dangerous holidays for Americans to drive . If you have to hit the road this holiday season, make sure to pay extra close attention, and if you are injured while driving, contact our Denver auto injury lawyers to assist you in seeking compensation.

Holiday Safety Tip Number #2: Be Careful When Putting Up Decorations

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (or CPSC), the average hospital visits resulting from holiday decorating injuries every year may be well over 10,000, and in 2015 alone, 6 people died from decoration-related injuries. These incidents are often the result of falls people take while using a broken ladder or going for that hard-to-reach spot while putting up Christmas lights. Again, the winter months compound these concerns, as slippery patches of ice and slush can make decorating in the snow additionally dangerous.

The cold isn’t the only thing to watch out for when putting up decorations, however. The CPSC also estimates that fire-related injuries rise each holiday season, with candles causing approximately 6,500 residential fires annually. These fires result in an average of 80 deaths, 650 injuries, and $237 million in property damage a year. 400 fires, 10 deaths, and $17 million in property damage also occurred between 2010 and 2012, solely as a result of Christmas tree lightings.

Try to avoid lighting too many candles this holiday season or putting up too many Christmas lights. It’s also a good idea to use a fake tree in your home, or at the very least, one that isn’t overly dry. Moreover, if you are injured by a faulty Christmas decoration, consider hiring our experienced product liability lawyers to take your case.

Holiday Safety Tip Number #3: Make Sure Your Children Get Safe Toys

The CSPC reports that almost a quarter million E.R. visits occur every year due to dangerous and defective toys. Most of these injuries occur to children under 15 years of age, with reports of toy-related injuries often spiking around the holidays.

Although many parents want to buy their children the latest and greatest products each holiday season, it is important to do your research before purchasing. Toys with harmful plastics and even lead have been known to result in serious injury to children. Sports equipment can also be extremely dangerous, if it used without proper protective gear. Check all art supplies to make sure the material being used is non-toxic, and inspect any toys with batteries or magnets, as both of these components can cause poisoning and blindness. For little children, it is smart to avoid buying toys with small parts that they can easily fit in their mouths. There are enough small lights and ornaments around the house this time of year, tiny toys are just another potential hazard you shouldn’t have to watch out for.

Consider all of this advice carefully when you do your holiday shopping, and your little ones should have a wonderful season. Remember, hiring our toy safety defect attorneys if your family does experience any toy-related injuries is also an option.

Legal Assistance You Can Trust

At The Gilbert Law Group®, our goal is to help the people of Denver and beyond stay safe this holiday season and year-round. Our main way of doing this is through advocating for clients injured in accidents and by products. Since 1969, we have secured winning settlements for plaintiffs and affected safety changes in government and industry by providing compassionate yet tenacious legal assistance. When you are injured through no fault of your own, you may need care for years to come, or end up saddled with expensive medical bills and insurance. Protect your physical and financial safety with the help of an attorney at The Gilbert Law Group®. At our firm, we will always fight for compensation.

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