Who Is Responsible for Faulty Playground Equipment?

When children go to the local playground or on the play equipment at school, you would assume that they would be safe from accidental injuries caused by unsafe structures. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Poorly designed or inadequately maintained playgrounds can cause serious injuries to children. There may be action parents can take, however, to receive compensation for their child’s injuries.

What Causes Playground Injuries?

Playgrounds can be hazardous for excited young children who may not be able to perceive the dangers around them. Inappropriate padding, improperly constructed play structures, poor maintenance, and other flaws can make playgrounds a serious threat, but the threat often isn’t noticed until it is too late.

Wear and tear is a big factor when it comes to the safety of a playground. It’s the duty of the property owner—whether private or public—to ensure that all damaged parts are repaired, screws and bolts remain tight, ropes and rails are replaced, and that anti-slip surfaces remain so. Padding is another important safety feature, but over time it can break down or be shifted, especially when using materials like sand or wood chips.

New playgrounds aren’t hazard-free, either. A newly constructed play structures may not be assembled correctly to be safe. It also may be dangerous due to defective design or manufacturing. When playground equipment is faulty, it can be a challenge to determine who is liable until the cause of the accident is uncovered.

Who Is Liable for Faulty Playgrounds?

The at-fault party depends on the nature of the fault. For instance, if the structure wasn’t secured according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the construction company contracted to build the structure may be responsible. However, if the manufacturer’s specifications weren’t right, or a part was made incorrectly, the manufacturer of the play equipment may be liable. If the equipment or grounds weren’t maintained to be safe for children, the property owner, parks department, or another party responsible for maintaining the property may be held liable.

Without prior product liability experience, it can be a challenge to determine what lead to the accident, and who would be liable for the specific failure. With a knowledgeable product liability attorney assisting your case, it will be far easier for you to handle your case. They can use their resources and experience to fully investigate the accident and prove that another party is liable for your child’s injuries.

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