Product Warning Labels: What Do They Have to Include?

For product labels, what the law requires manufacturers to label comes down to the specific product being marketed: Electronics and medical devices follow different guidelines than consumer products sold in bulk and imported goods. When it comes to associated risks, every product — no matter what category it falls into — is mandated to have a warning label specifying what dangers it poses to consumers.

Although it is nearly impossible to know every danger a product may pose, such as an allergic reaction unique to one person, the manufacturer could still be held liable in a court of law if the warning is considered insufficient.

Guidelines for Product Warning Labels

Since there are so many different types of products, it would be difficult to create a simple checklist of particular dangers that manufacturers are required to warn consumers of. Having such a list would also make it nearly impossible for an injured consumer to access their deserved compensation for any injury falling outside of these slim margins. For these reasons, no such checklist exists, and manufacturers are expected to warn of any danger their products pose. As such, the American National Standards Institute requires product warning labels to inform consumers of the following:

  • Potential risks and their severity
  • Potential effects of these risks
  • Instructions on how to avoid these risks

The Label Must Be Noticeable and Easy to Access

If a manufacturer provides a warning label, it must be visible to the consumer without them having to search for it. For example, the warning label on a pack of cigarettes is quite large and easy to spot. Other dangerous products must follow the same practice.

Were You Injured Due to an Inadequate Label?

If you were injured due to an inadequate product warning label, you may be eligible for compensation. Cases arising out of warning labels can be complex, as there are many routes you can take to hold manufacturers accountable. Fortunately, an attorney can help you determine which route is best for your case and help you navigate it. Our attorneys at The Gilbert Law Group® are experienced in helping injured consumers fight against even the largest corporations. Located in Denver and serving clients across the nation, we have recovered close to $1 billion for our clients and are recognized by many renowned legal organizations for our professional acumen. We want to help you win the maximum compensation owed so you can recover from your unjust injuries.

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