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  • Brain Injury Awareness Month

    March is brain injury awareness month. Over 3.5 million people suffer a brain injury every year. Although debilitating and life changing, their brain injuries do not keep them from wanting the same things we all want – to live a happy, healthy life. Non-fatal brain injuries often result in a coma or amnesia. Nearly 43% of people who are hospitalized with a brain injury will have a related ...
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  • Brain Injury in Kids

    Traumatic brain injury, referred to commonly as “TBI”, is a major cause of death and disability in the United States. Sadly, our children are the most vulnerable. Statistics show that almost half a million children are treated in US Emergency departments each year for TBI’s. That’s more than 5,000 large school buses filled to capacity. Common symptoms of brain injury include: Physical symptoms ...
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  • Riddell and NFL Sued by More Former Football Players for Concussion-Linked Brain Injuries

    The National Football League and Riddell are once again the defendants in more civil lawsuits filed by former professional football players blaming them for their brain injuries. In one wrongful death case, the family of former Chicago Bears player Dave Duerson is claiming the NFL and the football helmet maker are to blame for the 50-year-old’s suicide. Duerson fatally shot himself in the chest ...
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  • Will Your Helmet Prevent a Traumatic Brain Injury During a Winter Sports Accident?

    The death of freestyle skier Sarah Burke after sustaining a traumatic brain injury during a training accident is once again raising questions about the dangers that can arise when someone is moving swiftly through snow or ice and is involved in an accident. Granted, while freestyle skiing tends is a lot more high-risk than other sports, there are dangers involved in regular skiing, ice hockey, ...
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  • Ex-Pro Football Players Sue Helmet Maker Riddell and NFL for Traumatic Brain Injuries and Products Liability

    More former NFL football players are suing the league and helmet maker Riddell for personal injury and products liability. The first complaint, filed in California, was submitted by 75 ex-pro players who claimed the National Football League concealed the head injury risks involved in playing the sport. The plaintiffs of both lawsuits are accusing the NFL of failing until last year to let the ...
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  • Craig Hospital License Plate Benefits Severely Injured Patients

    Last year Chris Chappell, Craig Hospital Graduate Relations Coordinator, came up with an idea. The idea was relatively straightforward, but will have a huge impact on the lives of Craig Hospital patients suffering through their recovery from Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) as they focus on rebuilding their lives. Chris’ idea was to create a Craig Hospital license ...
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  • Target Recalls 350,000 Woven Storage Trunks After Toddler Sustains Traumatic Brain Injury During Strangulation Accident

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Target are recalling about 350,000 woven storage trunks after a toddler sustained a traumatic brain injury when the trunk lid fell on the back of her neck, pinning her throat against the trunk rim. The 18-month old’s parents have filed a products liability lawsuit against Target. Eric and Laura Surman say that when the wicker trunk’s lid landed on their ...
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