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  • The Gilbert Law Group's Experience In Fire Investigations & Burn Injuries

    Our experience with burn injury litigation began with Pinto cases. That litigation led to safer car designs today. Watch James L. Gilbert of The Gilbert Law Group talk about our experience with burn cases over the years. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, please call the experienced burn injury lawyers at The Gilbert Law Group® at (303) 431-1111 for your free consultation. ...
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  • How to Treat Minor Burn Injuries

    Any burn is damaging to the skin. Severe burn injuries need immediate professional medical attention, but minor burns can be treated at home with first aid. Run cool water over the burn. Soak the burned area in cool water for at least five minutes. Do not use ice water, which can further damage the skin. If you cannot soak the burn, cover it with a clean, cool, wet cloth for at least five minutes. ...
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  • Gasoline Safety to Prevent Burn Injuries

    Each year in the United States, firefighters are called to almost 2,400 structural fires that were caused by gasoline. More than 100 people die and 313 people are injured from these gasoline related fires. To protect your family from serious burn injury, remember these gasoline safety tips: Keep gasoline away from the reach of children. Do not allow children to handle gasoline or play around or ...
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  • Fire Safety to Protect Your Children from Burn Injuries

    Each year over 400 children below the age of 10 die from burn injuries and other severe injuries caused by fires in the home. Overall, almost 85 percent of fire-related deaths happen in the home. Taking small steps to prevent home fires and being prepared for a fire when it happens can keep your family safer from these tragedies. Remember these tips: Never leave cooking unattended and always ...
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  • Preventing Scalding Burn Injuries

    The most common burn injury among young children is scalding. Many of the hundreds of scalding injuries each year are preventable. Scald burns occur during ordinary activities like bathing and cooking. Young children often don’t understand the danger of liquids that are too hot. They are also more susceptible to burns. It takes only 5 seconds for a young child’s skin to be burned by 140 degree ...
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  • The Importance of Burn Safety Awareness

    This month on our blog at The Gilbert Law Group® we are featuring tips and stories about burn awareness in recognition of burn awareness month. Being more aware of potential burn hazards and knowing what to do when you or your family member suffers a burn injury can help you minimize the risk of burns and react immediately when they happen. The importance of burn safety awareness in your home is ...
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  • Child Burn Hazards and Prevention Tips

    In recognition of National Childhood Injury Prevention week, we at The Gilbert Law Group are bringing you information about the serious burn injuries that can dramatically change the quality of life for a child. Burn injuries are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality for children in the United States. Each day more than 300 children are treated for burn-related injuries in emergency ...
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  • More Pourable Gel Fuel Recalled by Manufacturers

    Another six companies are recalling their pourable gel fuel products over concerns that they may causeburn injuries to consumers. It was just last month that nine other manufacturers recalled more than 2 million units of pourable gel units following reports of serious injuries and deaths. The gel fuel can ignite when being poured into a still lit firepot. In the event that the fuel was to ...
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  • Turkey Fryers Can Increase Fire and Injury Risk During Thanksgiving

    The National Fire Protection Association is discouraging people from using turkey fryers when cooking their bird over Thanksgiving. The cooking apparatus has become a favorite alternative to baking. That said, over the years, products liability lawsuits have been filed because people have suffered burn injuries as a result of a turkey fryer. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, ...
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  • Preventing Injuries to Children: Are Gas Fireplaces a Burn Hazard?

    With cold weather continuing to affect many parts of the US, people have been using their gas fireplaces to keep everyone indoors warm. Yet are the doors of some of these gas fireplaces poorly designed so that they pose a burn danger to kids? According to the Children’s Hospital Burn Center, in the last five years, the number of hand burns caused by fireplace glass doors has gone up by 50% with an ...
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