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  • International Helmet Awareness Day for Equestrian Riders

    Riders4Helmets was founded in 2010 after learning that Courtney King-Dye, an Olympic dressage rider, had sustained a traumatic brain injury due to not wearing a helmet while riding. The purpose of the group was to spread awareness that properly-fitted helmets can save lives and prevent serious injury while horse riding or enjoying other equestrian-related activities. As part of their mission of ...
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  • May 2016 is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

    All drivers on the roads of America need to remember that sharing the road safely is a constant responsibility, especially when much smaller vehicles, such as a motorcycle, are nearby. In an effort to bring attention to the dangers motorcyclists face each and every time they start up their ride, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared that May 2016 is Motorcycle ...
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  • Back to School: Helmet Safety

    Does your child wear a helmet every time they get on their bike? Sometimes wearing a helmet can be overlooked for a variety of reasons: for children, it may be due to forgetfulness, not enforced by parents, and for teenagers, a helmet clashes with their sense of style. Whatever the reason may be, spending that extra couple of minutes to click on a helmet is more important than you may think. ...
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  • The Importance of Selecting the Right Helmet for Your Child

    As children return to school, National Childhood Injury Prevention week reminds us all that we can take small steps every day to ensure our children's safety. One of those steps is providing your child with safety equipment, like a helmet. Life Saving Importance of Helmets Wearing a helmet not only prevents serious injury, it can also save your child's life. According to the American Association ...
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