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  • New Teen Drivers and Back to School Safety

    As children head back to school this fall, some parents have one more thing to worry about – their new teen driver. Early mornings, streets and parking lots full of kids, and friends in the car can all be a challenge for the new driver. To help keep your new driver safe and accident free as they head to school this fall, share these tips: Get enough sleep. Teenagers’ lives are often filled with ...
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  • What's the Safest Vehicle for Your Teen Driver?

    When your teen reaches driving age, it can seem like the scariest time in your life. Suddenly your child is licensed to be behind the wheel of a car all alone on the roadway. As a parent, one of your priorities is to ensure that your teen is driving a safe vehicle. Whether your teen is driving their own car or sharing one with the family, remember these tips to keep him or her safer in the ...
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