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  • Who Is Responsible for Faulty Playground Equipment?

    When children go to the local playground or on the play equipment at school, you would assume that they would be safe from accidental injuries caused by unsafe structures. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Poorly designed or inadequately maintained playgrounds can cause serious injuries to children. There may be action parents can take, however, to receive compensation for their child’s ...
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  • Back to School: Playground Safety

    It is that time of year again, gearing up for back to school: buying supplies, checking lists, while children are looking forward to being with their friends. The highlight of many children’s school day is recess, that block of time they can be free and playful. While they are relishing in play time, your concern is, are they safe on the playground? According to the US Consumer Product Safety ...
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  • Tips for Playground Safety

    Children love the playground, but according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year over 200,000 children end their playground visit with a trip to the emergency room. These tips can help you ensure that your child stays safe and enjoys his or her day at the playground. Check surfaces. Almost 79 percent of playground injuries are caused by falls. Playgrounds should have at least ...
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  • Mother Settles Oklahoma Playground Accident Death Case With X-Wave Manufacturer

    One mother has settled her Oklahoma playground accident lawsuit seeking damages for the wrongful death of her 9-year-old daughter, Alyssa Avila. The fourth grader died in 2010 after falling from an X-Wave, which is like a teeter-totter that can take numerous riders at once, at her school. The details of the products liability settlement are confidential. Alyssa fell from the X-Wave while a section ...
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  • Montana Supreme Court to Hear Playground Accident Lawsuit Over 8-Year-Old's Head Injury

    The Montana Supreme Court says that the mother of an 8-year-old daughter who sustained a severe head injury when she fell off a slide in 2002 is entitled to make her playground accident case, which contends that the city of Miles City should be liable for what happened. The court’s decision overturns a lower judge’s decision to dismiss the injuries to a minor lawsuit. The playground slide accident ...
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  • When Playgrounds Become A Dangerous Place for Kids

    While it would be nice to think of playgrounds as a safe haven where kids can have fun, this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 156,00 children end up getting hurt in playground accidents. Our child injury lawyers are familiar with these incidents and the harm they can cause. Common causes of playground accidents: • ...
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  • Texas Playground Accident Lawsuit Seeks Damages from McDonalds Chain Owners

    Playgrounds can be a dangerous place for kids if there is defective equipment on the premises. Recently, the family of Alexis Durant filed a Texas playground accident lawsuit suing the owner of a Houston McDonald’s for injuries she sustained while playing at the eatery. According to Durant’s mother, on July 24, the 2-year-old was choking on and soaked in her own blood when she emerged from the ...
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  • Playground Accident Death: Girls Family Wants X-Wave Banned

    A 9-year-old girl has died in an Oklahoma playground accident. Now, Alyssa Avila’s family wants the “X-Wave,” the playground equipment she was playing on when the tragic incident happened banned. Playground equipment accident happened last Thursday at Wyandotte elementary school. The 4th grader and several children were on the X-wave when she fell off the section of the equipment that was in the ...
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  • Back to School Reminder: Playground Accidents Can Lead to Serious Child Injuries

    With school back in session and kids running around the playground during recess and lunch period, accidents can happen. Children who are roughhousing with one another or taking part in a pickup game of basketball or another sport might end up with scratches and bruises. There are also the kinds of injuries that can result during playground accidents. A fall from the top of the jungle gym or a ...
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