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  • Pool Drain Entrapment Accident of Singer Usher's Son Prompts CPSC to Issue a Warning Reminder

    The pool drain accident involving the 5-year-old son of singer Usher is spurring the Consumer Product Safety Commission to remind the owners of home pools and spas to make sure that their pool’s drains meet safety standards. The drains that meet these federal requirements are readily available with suppliers. Usher’s son, Usher Raymond V, was hospitalized in Georgia after a near-drowning accident ...
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  • Toddler Dies in Florida Drowning Accident at Unlicensed Day Care Center

    -year-old Steven Spurlock has died in a Florida swimming pool accident at an unlicensed day care center. Spurlock was one of seven children at the Kiddie Heaven. Investigators say that Spurlock, who had exited the pool with the other kids, apparently managed to get back into the water. He was unconscious when he was pulled out and he had to be placed on life support. Spurlock was later declared ...
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  • More Than 1500 Drowning Deaths Reported This Season

    According to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, between May 1 and August 26, there were more than 1,500 drowning deaths reported. A recent survey also noted that more than one US state -Minnesota, Indiana, and Pennsylvania–hit a record when it came to drowning deaths this year. While generally, the number of drowning-related fatalities has gone down, drowning continues to be the number two ...
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  • Inflatable Pools Pose Significant Drowning Risk to Young Children, Says American Academy of Pediatrics

    With summer here, our child injury lawyers want to remind parents and guardians to take the precautions necessary to make sure that children are properly supervised when swimming and pools are properly maintained and secured when no one is around to decrease the chances of accidental drownings. While in the past, our products liability lawyer blog has focused on the dangers of in ground swimming ...
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  • CPSC Warns that Water Walking Balls Pose Drowning, Impact Injury, and Suffocation Dangers

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning that using a water walking ball can be dangerous and may cause injury to children and adults—although it is mainly used by kids. The water walking ball has different brand and ride names. The see-through, inflatable plastic ball is large enough for a person to enter. After the rider climbs in, he she is locked inside. There is no ...
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  • CPSC and HSC Report 172 Child Drownings and Over 180 Nonfatal Swimming Accidents in US Pools and Spas Since Memorial Day Weekend

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Home Safety Council want to remind parents and guardians that just because summer is over doesn’t mean that they should be less vigilant when it comes to letting their children swim in pools and spas. Swimming pool accidents continue to be a leading cause of child injuries and deaths. Since Memorial Day weekend, there have been 172drownings and over ...
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  • Child Drowning Accidents: Reminder to Parents and Pool Owners to Take Steps to Prevent Swimming Accidents This Summer

    With summer here and drowning accidents continuing to be a leading cause of child deaths, pool owners must make sure that their pools are safe for use. This means ensuring that children at a pool are properly supervised, appropriate safety measures have been implemented, and emergency equipment is easily accessible. According to recent statistics: About 830 children under age 15 die each year from ...
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  • CPSC: Almost 300 US Children Under Age 5 Drown in Pools and Spas Each Year

    With summer fast approaching, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has revealed its latest figures on child drowning injuries and deaths in pools and spas. According to the CPSC, almost 300 children under age 5 drown in spas and pools annually, while 3,000 young kids sustain injuries that require emergency medical attention. Also: 2/3rds of the victims killed or injured in pools and spas are ...
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