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Andrew Kim has always enjoyed science and technology, and after he earned his degree in engineering, this passion brought him to our team. Mr. Kim has been with The Gilbert Law Group® for 25 years, heading up our in-house engineering department and providing pivotal evidence in multiple high-profile cases.

His work involves investigating auto and other product defects to determine whether faulty design or manufacturing played a role in a client’s case. Often, the best way to establish a defect involves running simulations of an allegedly faulty product compared to potential alternatives. This type of direct demonstration gives a jury a frame of reference for how a product could perform if it were designed and/or manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Mr. Kim has also been the driving force behind The Gilbert Law Group® pioneering innovative technologies in the courtroom. We were the first plaintiff’s attorneys to use LS Dyna 3D, a modeling program, in the courtroom to demonstrate how a redesign of a dangerous minivan could have prevented the deaths of some of its occupants in a crash. Our team relies on an internal library of technical and video evidence regarding auto safety, and Mr. Kim has created new data personally through running in-house component tests.

With his skill in accident reconstruction, Mr. Kim provides a valuable service to our team and attorneys. Having spent more than two decades working with our team, he has become a valuable strategic partner due to his nearly unparalleled knowledge of the evolution of the auto industry. Between our award-winning lawyers and Mr. Kim’s excellent work, we offer clients quality service that few product defect firms can match.

Education and Certifications

  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering